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ALS – Electro Mechanical Screw Rams

As a universal drive system is the "ALS" suitable for the wide range of mechanical engineering e.g. Metal processing, automotive, construction of sluices, the paper industry and others the special machine.

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CMLA – the new electromechanical linear actuator

Minimal size, maximum performance

The new electromechanical linear actuator CMLA has been specially developed for demanding industrial applications and offer maximum performance and small size. Its compact design and the ability to use it in any position predestined, the CMLA for a variety of applications. An economic solution for filling systems and equipment for metalworking, the packaging industry, etc..

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ELA Electro Mechanical Linear Actuator

These actuators are suitable for numerous applications both indoors and out The driving elements work in every mounting position and also in adverse climatic conditions. All ELA actuators consist of a fully encapsulated aluminium housing with worm gear pairs and axial bearing, standard-fitted DC/AC motor, plus a thrust and shaft tube construction.

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HLA - High Performance Linear Actuator

Another versatile drive element is our high-performance linear actuator HLA. The HLA combines the advantages of the proven high performance worm gear screw jacks HSE and the electromechanical screw rams with tubular construction ALSR. The linear actuator is consisting of a drive mechanism with two possible transmission stages as well as a shaft and thrust tube design and can be used as an individual drive or as in multi-screw lifting systems.

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Industrial plant lifting tables

HTA-E single-scissors PROLINE with capacity 1.000 - 7.000 kg
HTA-D double-scissors PROLINE with capacity 500 - 1.000 kg
HTA-T tandem-scissors PROLINE with capacity 1.000 - 6.000 kg

For the professional lifting and handling of heavy loads and pallet goods in manufacturing environments.

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