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Description for Inverter/Rotators

Rotators are able to lift a wagon and turn it 360 degrees allowing access to the underside for welding, riveting or painting. With advances made in the field of engineering, the new rotators lock securely to the wagon/chassis after being hoisted into place. The wagon is then locked into the driving end of the rotator and the slave end allows for lateral movement, accommodating the different lengths of wagon/chassis being worked on. The rotator can handle up to 17 tons per side and span 14 – 20 metres in length.

Safety is a primary concern in this type of work environment and therefore the new design has stringent safety features. The system has been built in such a manner that the wagon/chassis locks securely to the rotator. It is sturdier and more balanced than the current rotators in operation. In the event of a power failure, the emergency mechanism locks, securing the wagon/chassis in situ.