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Think Rail, think Yale!

Think Rail, think Yale!

Posted On: 25 June 2015

The company’s service offered to the rail sector is fully comprehensive, all the way from the depot environment, right through to on-track.

Railway manufacturing and the servicing of depots require reliable and safe maintenance. High on the list of essentials are jacking and lifting equipment for use in the manufacturing, refurbishing and servicing of rolling stock including locomotives, wagons and coaches. Yale provides all this and more.

Yale’s range

Yale’s range of jacking and synchronised lifting systems, turntables, axle/bogie drop-tables and overhead cranes suits all applications. Wagon, chassis rotators and inverters in a variety of capacities and lengths are available, with power lifting and full rotation capability.

Wheel and bogie drop systems allow the safe removal and replacement of bogies or wheelsets, even from coupled rail vehicles. As in the case of the bogie-drop system, the railway remains safe for use by other traffic when it is not in use. Yale’s wheel-drop system is available as a simple tabletop facility or with pit continuation for full access beneath the bogie and rail vehicle.

Adjustable bogie jacks are included, to provide support during removal of a wheelset - and appropriate adapters can be used for module removal or replacement.

Yale also offers custom-designed depot equipment, tailored specifically to suit unique situations and/or to meet the particular requirements of any customer.

Track maintenance equipment

If you need to bend it, drill it, cut it, grind it, weld it or lay it – Yale has a solution for you.


Yale supplies internationally acclaimed railway track hand-held tools such as Robel as well as its own, locally manufactured Yale brand, right through to the high-tech Desec mechanised tracklaying machine.

The Desec tracklayer is the ideal solution when transporting and laying turnout track panels. Being totally versatile in manoeuvrability and flexibility, the Desec provides a swift means of replacing turnouts.

Re–railing and recovery

Yale offers both a manual re-railing system as well as a mechanical one with traversing bed. This equipment can be used to lift, traverse and re-rail all types and varieties of derailed rail vehicles safely and reliably, within a millimetre of precision.

Railway cranes

The Kirow range of railway cranes is aptly named “MultiTasker” as these are real multi-purpose devices. Truly exceptional machines, they answer every need in the field of rail vehicle accidents and recovery, as well as in track and bridge construction, notably in the placing of turnouts.

The MultiTasker

The MultiTasker is manufactured in eight sizes, each with special characteristics depending on load-bearing capacity. Powered by Cummins engines, the cranes can either travel self-powered to a site or be towed over lengthy distances behind a locomotive, at speeds of up to 100km/h.

Expert technical team

Yale’s expert technical team is available to provide wide-ranging technical and maintenance support, to suit every eventuality. Equipped with a comprehensive range of spares, it is able to ensure that customers’ activities and operations continue without interruption.