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Acclaimed rerailing system for local project house

Acclaimed rerailing system for local project house

Posted On: 15 January 2009

Yale Engineering Products (Pty) Ltd has received an order from a local project house, for its internationally acclaimed re-railing system, destined for North Africa. “This is one of many enquires on our books for the Lukas re-railing and recovering system, and we look forward to seeing more of these systems at work,” comments Managing Director, Kevin Hoy.The re-railing system can be used to lift, traverse and re-rail all models of derailed rail vehicles safely, reliably and within a millimetre of precision. The double acting DUO Traversing System allows vehicles to be moved in both directions from the control desk without ancillary equipment. The system can also be used to upright overturned vehicles or pull apart vehicles which have been wedged together. The particular advantage that gives mobility to this system lies in the reduced weight of each of the components, which means it can be put together extremely quickly in emergency situations.

The railing equipment operates using telescopic hydraulic jacks, which are manufactured out of a strong but light alloy metal, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. The piston surface has been hard anodised to protect against damage, the guard plates are corrugated and all lifting jacks are fitting with hose-break safety valves that prevent the load from lowering in case of a sudden drop in pressure or a break in the hose.

Jack stability is provided by base plates, with the added safety feature of remote operating capability, permitting operators to work at a safe distance.

Yale also offers a manual mechanical re-railing system with traversing bed, design by Osaka Jacks. Another benefit is that all technical support and maintenance is supplied by the expert team at Yale Engineering Products (Pty) Ltd.